VALET BOXES are a classic solution for storing your wallet, keys, watch or jewelry. Shown are a sample of some style options.  The size on these Koa Valet Boxes can be adjusted to your needs.  These special boxes are crafted to order of solid Hawaiian Koa wood and have hand crafted Koa hinges with a stop feature to allow the lid to stand open and upright.

​Available features include a variety of lid styles, inset ceramic tile, ring bar, sectioned drawer, and a choice of sliding or nesting trays.


Don't see quite what you're looking for here? See more Koa Valet Box design ideas here. Contact us for information on creating your unique custom box.

PRICE: Starting at $700 depending on size and your preferred features

Koa Valet Boxes


Koa Turtle Valet Box

Valet Box with a Double Turtle Petroglyph tile lid and handcrafted Koa hinges. The box shown here is about 7 by 11 by over 3 inches tall.

Koa Turtle Valet Box with inset tray

The inset removable tray allows for additional storage under the tray.

Koa Honu Valet Box

Valet Box with a Double Turtle Petroglyph tile lid, handcrafted Koa hinges and a matching Koa lift bar.

Koa Honu Turtle Valet Box